Custom Packaging

Pallet and warehouse locationFrom slow turnaround times to large minimum order requirements, we know your concerns when it comes to custom packaging.  “Can you package products for overseas shipment?  Will our electronic components, glass tubes, and delicate containers be safe?  Can you handle large industrial and electrical components?”
We’ve heard it all, but more importantly, we have the answers.  At Hainley Packaging, a Woman Owned Business located in North Versailles, PA, your shipment may not be irreplaceable, but it deserves to be treated that way.  If your company is located in the U.S., we can build the packaging you need.

Contact Hainley Packaging today and one of our experienced customer service representatives will address each of your important concerns.
Custom packaging made to your most demanding specifications.


Packaging Solutions for You

Prompt, professional service is our most important deliverable.  Since 1995, Hainley has been creating custom packaging designs.  Our experience includes large shipping boxes of any dimension.  Various sizes of wooden boxes for use in shipping a myriad of parts and manufacturing equipment are routine. 

  • No minimum order
  • FREE on site estimate
  • Standard turnaround: 5 to 7 days.
  • Your specialist for fragile product shipments.
  • Store your excess boxes in our state-of-the-art, 20,000 square foot warehouse.

Worried about delicate electronics, gas cylinders, pressure vessels, compressors, and sensitive electrical components?  At Hainley Packaging, each custom packaging design is unique.  We can fabricate custom hold downs, brackets, cradles, and removable walls.  Hainley delivers whatever it takes to secure your product for shipping, including:

  • Custom shipping boxes
  • Custom crates
  • Custom skids and pallets. 
  • Hainley Packaging can both package items and load or unload containers at our facility or yours.

We build custom boxes that can loaded by crane or fork lifted from all four sides.  We have designed custom skids, pallets, and platforms rated to hold 10,000 lb, 17,000 lb, and 63,000 lb loads.
Shrink wrapping, custom painting, and polyurethane sealing is available as needed.  Up against a deadline?  We’ll expedite your order as quickly as we can.  Contact us today to see what Hainley quality, fair pricing, and quick turnaround can mean to you.

Custom Packaging Labeling

Your company logo is a source of pride and a guarantee of quality all its own.  At Hainley Packaging, we can imprint your logo on custom packaging, as well as stencil information on the box, including weight, destination, purchase order number, and other critical data.

Heat Treated Containers

International shipping requires special expertise.
Many countries use quarantine regulations to protect their native forests from foreign wood pests. The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, IPSM-15, requires special treatment of solid wood products, including shipping containers. 
Hainley Packaging has been certified through South Carolina Inspection Services for international orders.  Boxes for shipping overseas receive special heat treatment in compliance with IPSM-15.  Don’t risk having your international orders placed in quarantine.  Hainley Packaging has the expertise to box your products securely in IPSM-15 compliant, heat treated custom packaging.


No matter where you may be located in the United States, don’t hesitate to contact Hainley Packaging.  Whether delivering your custom boxes to you in our local service area of Western, PA, or shipping your crated product across the USA and Canada, visit our Shipping Page to learn more about the freight transport capabilities of T & T Leasing.

Service Area

Hainley Packaging, located in North Versailles, PA, provides custom shipping boxes for a wide variety of products, including specialized crates, skids, and pallets for electrical components, gas cylinders, compressors, and more. We are proud to serve many local cities and municipalities in the Western, PA region, including Pittsburgh, East Pittsburgh, Braddock, Monroeville, Murrysville, Plum Boro, and the Irwin / North Huntingdon area.   Want to know if we can serve your area?  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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