Common questions
on Packaging and shipping

If I need to have a wooden shipping crate built, can you give me a free price quote?

Long Shipping CratesAbsolutely, so as long as we know the dimension of container that you need.

Can you assist us in custom packaging design?

We can provide on site assistance in determining the packaging you need and develop our estimate from there.

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Does Hainley Packaging serve customers anywhere in the U.S.?

Yes. While our local service area is Western, PA and the Pittsburgh region, Hainley Packaging provides custom packaging design and services to customers across the United States.

Can you make a shipping box for products that have to go overseas?

Yes.  Hainley Packaging is certified through Carolina Inspection Service to heat treat the wood used in our custom product packaging and to provide IPSM-15 certification, meeting regulations for international transport.

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Do you provide custom product packaging?

The majority of the wooden containers we build are custom.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No. We provide whatever quantity of custom shipping boxes you request.

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What is your typical turn-around time?

A typical order for custom shipping boxes is filled in approximately 5 to 7 working days, depending on the size and scale of your order. 

Do you fill rush orders?

If you are under a time constraint and require rush service, please make us aware of your needs.  At Hainley Packaging, we can expedite important orders, sometimes providing the custom product packaging you need in as little as 1 to 2 days.

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Do you offer a reusable shipping box?

Yes, we can make reusable shipping containers.

Is it one item per box, or do you provide containers for bulk orders?

Our custom product packaging is exactly that, customized to the purpose you have in mind.  We are experienced in creating shipping boxes for single and bulk orders.  Hainley Packaging can both package items and load or unload containers at our facility or yours.

Can you ship my product for me?

Our parent company, T & T Leasing, provides shipping services throughout the continental United States and into Canada. 

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Will Hainley Packaging store my extra shipping boxes?

Hainley Packaging maintains a state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot warehouse to store any part of the order for which you cannot take immediate delivery.

What do you make besides custom shipping boxes?

We fabricate wooden crates, skids, and pallets, as well as the hold downs. cradles, removable walls, and other specialty pieces as may be needed to secure your product for shipping.  We even provide shrink wrapping, painting, and sealing services.

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Service Area

Hainley Packaging, located in North Versailles, PA, provides custom shipping boxes for a wide variety of products, including specialized crates, skids, and pallets for electrical components, gas cylinders, compressors, and more. We are proud to serve many local cities and municipalities in the Western, PA region, including Pittsburgh, East Pittsburgh, Braddock, Monroeville, Murrysville, Plum Boro, and the Irwin / North Huntingdon area.   Want to know if we can serve your area?  Donít hesitate to contact us for more information.


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